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This new website was created as an urgent initiative to provide support to the community and local businesses of St Ives (Cambridgeshire) and surrounding villages. We are aiming to list businesses within 10 miles of St Ives.

We need businesses, especially those that supply food (groceries or take-out/delivery meals) or essential supplies, to submit their business details using the contact form.

Charlie Hart is offering an online personal training service where sessions can be conducted via a video call.

Charlie Hart is a local personal trainer, who offers personal training services face to face or online. His sessions can be tailored for one-to-one, couples or the whole family during the pandemic.

His sessions focus on giving simple, effective exercises that you can perform in very little space during the lockdown with, or without, equipment.

It is a very important time to stay on top of our habits. His dietary and lifestyle coaching will stop the dreaded weight gain and loss of fitness that often comes with being trapped inside.

Contact Charlie using the details above via telephone, email or his website.


Windmill Yoga are offering a children’s yoga session each week on Facebook Live. It is saved so you can join in the fun at a time that suits you.

Windmill Yoga offers yoga classes in and around St.Ives, for all ages, levels and abilities. During the Coronavirus pandemic, they are sharing a weekly yoga class for children to do at home.

Yoga is known to increase strength, fitness and flexibility, improve balance, concentration and memory, and generally makes you feel happier.

Follow their Facebook page using the link below to access the weekly yoga classes.


Fitness Rush are a local gym offering personal training services in the gym or online. They are offering their one-to-one personal training services online during the pandemic.

Their personal trainers will guide you through specifically planned workouts to suit your needs, making the most of your time at home during this difficult time.

The workouts can be completed with or without equipment.

Contact Fitness Rush by telephone or their website using the details above.

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Nebula Physio and Wellbeing are offering an online physiotherapy service where sessions can be conducted via a video call.

This includes assessment and treatment of a range of conditions, advice regarding set-up of a home work-station, and 1:1 or group pilates or exercise sessions.

You can contact them via their website, email or telephone to arrange an online session.

The clinic treats all musculoskeletal conditions in adults, and all staff are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).


Lucinda Price Photography are offering online photography training for children/young adults and for adults via facetime or video call.

1:2:1 or in household group sessions (if appropriate) talking photography techniques or discussing a career as a freelance photographer for young people.

Young person session are free – Adult session – pay what you can/£25 for the initial session.

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